A word from our members and suppliers about the Associated Carpet Group...

Before joining ACG I was concerned that I would lose my independence, how wrong I was. They are there if you need them but otherwise they leave you to run your own business.

ACG are prolific in own branding which you should support as the extra discount and labelling has enabled me to win more orders. 

The cost of membership is miniscule compared to the extra profits and rebates you will earn. Joining up will be the best business decision you will ever make.

Please ring me if you have any questions and good luck with your application.

DAVID HARLEY - Harley Carpets, Essex


Any sensible business person, in our industry, should be part of a buying group!

Comradeship is one important factor, another is learning about situations and problems that you are confronted with from people who have already travelled that route. 

The next priority is to be in a position to expand your business by talking to the decision makers in the industry, a good group makes that possible. 

Most important however, is the profit factor that the group helps you to achieve by negotiating at a level we cannot achieve on our own, with a considerable pay back with own ranges and promotions. 

Don't just talk to the people the buying group employ, talk to the members of that group and find out the reality, talk to us, you will not be disappointed!!

ROBIN CUTSFORTH - Brookside Carpets, Leicestershire



ACG is a group that’s always looking to the future, a delight to deal with.  New innovations and promotions - or new marketing ideas are order of the day, anything that will enhance sales for their members is what it’s all about. Long may it continue.

Managing Director
Abingdon Flooring

Adam Carpets have always found ACG a very progressive and forward thinking buying group. They are very professional in the way they conduct business and their ideas have led to growth both for us and their members.

Sales and Marketing Director
Adam Carpets Limited


I have always found that ACG are a very friendly yet professional buying group, they always have the best interests of the members in their thoughts at all times.

Sales Manager
Associated Weavers (Europe) Limited


Axminster Carpets are proud to be associated with ACG and have always had an excellent relationship with members and at Head Office level. ACG are professionalism personified and totally respected within the industry as a market leader.

Northern Sales Director
Axminster Carpets Limited



Ball and Young and the House of Cloud 9 has found our ACG partners one of the most respected group of retailers we have had the privilege to work with.

Professional, competitive with a high focus on quality, customer service and an eye for detail. We are very pleased to be associated with the group members and excellent Head Office team. ACG are one of the most professional buying groups to deal with. 

Sales & Marketing Director
Ball & Young 


ACG look out for the needs of their Members.
ACG do think about their "own label" offer and make it exclusive to their Members.
ACG help promote our ranges professionally through their Membership.

Sales Director
Brockway Carpets


All of the team at ACG are a pleasure to deal with.  As a group they are knowledgeable of all things carpet related, from a Group, market and manufacturers perspective.

Sales Director
Cavalier Carpets



As one of the first southern members of ACG, we joined the group in early 1986.

We are pleased to have been part of a very pro-active and professional group and seen it develop into the most sort-after premier buying group with a strong committee who listen to their members.

Deals negotiated by the committee are second to none and we quadruple our membership fee easily with rebates and promotions. Certainly one of the best business decisions we have made.

TONY CRANE - Rainbow Carpets (Welling) Ltd



Smart Choice “own label” pattern books protect retailers from internet shoppers who use our showroom to find goods they then hope to find cheaper online. Google a SmartChoice product online and you find us. It also stops the competition undercutting our written quotations.

KEN APPLEBY  - Floorings Frome Ltd, Somerset


Cormar Carpets are proud to be a leading supplier to The Associated Carpet Group. They are undoubtedly one of the leading groups of Flooring Retailers in the country offering their customers independent advice, value and service.

Marketing Director
Cormar Carpets


We would like to give our continue thanks to the board of directors and head office team, from product discussions, sampling, merchandising and bring key products to the market for ACG, they share our drive and passion to ensure members have a combination of strong selling, rebranded ranges that offer all the key benefits of being an approved ACG member.

Sales Co-Ordinator
Crown Floors


The  ACG buying group are and have been key supporters of Edel Telenzo, selling several of our ranges. 

ACG have a great understanding of both the manufacturer and consumer and combine this understanding in a well defined and thought out offer. 

UK Sales Director
Edel Telenzo Carpets Limited

ACG understands the flooring industry and provides an excellent service to a strong Member network across the country.

Membership will provide you with a wealth of opportunity that will have a positive impact across the whole of your business and most importantly deliver additional profitability.

Furlong Flooring


As a leading UK manufacturer of underlay and accessories we are delighted to have been associated with the ACG group for several decades.

It has been a successful partnership that continues to be an important one to Interfloor and we work hard to improve our service to the group members.

National Accounts Manager


ACG is a buying group that does all the basics well. They are always looking for ways to grow existing business as well as bringing in new and innovative initiatives.  In summary a dynamic and forward looking collective.

Residential Sales Director
Ulster Carpet Mills


Having recently joined the ACG Group, we have found the team very helpful, knowledgeable and professional.  They clearly put their members first and are a pleasure to work with.

Sales & Marketing Director
Penthouse Carpets Limited


ACG is the most forward thinking of the buying groups. Led by a committee but with the single purpose of benefiting the members. Access to the top manufacturers, best prices and rebates for annual turnover is a bonus. Low annual subscription charges are soon overtaken by the rebates available. Always coming up with new promotional ideas and heavily discounted stands etc. Richard, Hannah, Gema and Lynne are always on hand if you need any help

STEVEN PEARSON - Astra Carpets, Sutton in Ashfield



ACG are a great trade partner for Victoria Carpets.  They represent quality and service in the eyes of their customers, and are constantly looking to improve their offer, ensuring that not only the consumers and their members benefit, but also the suppliers, in what we see as a truly beneficial, mutually supportive partnership arrangement.’

Managing Director
Victoria Carpets


As one of the founding suppliers to the Group may I say what a pleasure it is to be involved with ACG.  Westex has experienced almost constant business growth since the initiation and we are confident that this will continue . The drive and professionalism that the group maintains gives us great confidence for the future .

Sales Director
Westex Carpets

In the last two years Whitestone Weavers/Hugh Mackay have done a number of initiatives with ACG.  The return on investment from these ranges has been tremendous.  The branding etc is always handled very efficiently by the team at ACG, and launches are followed up with great enthusiasm.  We always find that their retailers get behind any group launches, ensuring their success.

Sales Director
Whitestone Weavers/Hugh Mackay


At Thomas Witter we have always had a very positive working relationship with ACG, not only the Members but the Head Office Team too.

ACG are very supportive and as a supplier we always know the Members will get behind ranges in their current portfolio.

Admin is made easy by a very efficient and effective series of systems that ACG have put in place and the Smart Choice display options are always first class. This is a well established and very professional organisation which continues to impress at all levels...

Sales Director
Thomas Witter Carpets



ACG, the membership and Woodpecker Flooring form a great partnership.  The group is willing to change with the times and embrace new innovative products to continue to add value to the consumers experience. 

The members benefit from collaborating and sharing cutting edge information disseminated by the group whilst preserving their autonomy and ability to react as an independent.

With an excellent network across the country, ACG forms a strong piece of the Woodpecker brand coverage and we look forward to supporting the membership for many years to come.

Managing Director
Woodpecker Flooring