Exclusive Group Labels

Group labels give members access to improved nett pricing from ACG preferred suppliers

  • Core Ranges
  • Huge Choice
  • Protects Margins
  • Suits All Budgets

  • Highly Protected
  • Exceptional Pricing
  • Guaranteed Rebates
  • Subsidised Displays

The exclusivity of ‘Own Label’ protects and enhances members margins to a far greater extent

Professional ‘own labels’ are created exclusively for ACG members to help protect against the growing number of internet sellers. This allows us to offer significantly reduced and subsidised costs for in store display units both from preferred suppliers and ACG unitary. Own Label communicates to the consumer that we enjoy competitive rates because we are members of a powerful buying group, and provides a strategic opportunity for members to confidently promote effectively through sale periods. This creates a strong group identity that can be used to help members with press advertising and attractive in store point of sale.

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Modern Instore Displays

We continually strive to bring new and exclusive deals and ranges to our members. We supply a variety of exciting in-store display units which bring an attractive, professionally branded presentation to your retail environment.

Displays are subsidised by ACG.




Showcase the industry’s best selling carpets for less!

Our ‘own label’ instore displays provide our members with a fantastic way to showcase the latest ranges from our preferred suppliers.

The display units are often available as ACG or supplier branded.